Last Week In Review: ETF News And Blog Posts To 2/5/2012

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the ETF topics and market reviews I posted to my blog during the week ending on 2/5/2012.

In a reversal from the prior week, upward momentum gained steam as a better than expected jobs report pushed the major indexes higher while gold finally pulled back.

The Greek soap opera continued in full swing, but the domestic markets were largely unaffected as a hard default is now fully expected. Even our International Trend Tracking Index (TTI) crossed its trend line to the upside and, barring any major pullback, I expect to announce a new ‘Buy’ in that arena within a couple of trading days.

This week, we covered the following:

A Drop In ETF Trading Volume

Golden Cross Vs. Death Cross – Are These Meaningful Technical Indicators?

ETF/No Load Fund Tracker Newsletter For Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly StatSheet For The ETF/No Load Fund Tracker Newsletter – Updated Through 2/2/2012

Markets Keep Fumbling Along – Equity ETFs On Standby For Jobs Report

January Optimism Seeps Into February For ETFs

7 ETF Model Portfolios You Can Use – Updated through 1/31/2012

Major Market ETFs Sitting On The Sidelines

No Major Moves For Equity ETFs, But That May Soon Change

ETFs/Mutual Funds On The Cutline – Updated Through 1/27/2012

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