Last Week In Review: ETF News And Blog Posts To 1/6/2013

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the ETF topics and market reviews I posted to my blog during the week ending on 1/6/2013.

With the cliff relief rally spilling over into the New Year, you have to wonder how long economic reality can be simply ignored. The S&P 500 scored some 4.5% for the week, as the Fed continues with its asset purchase plan, which creates about $85 billion a month.

A lot of this money finds a new home in the risk markets but with the next cliff, AKA debt ceiling debacle, looming, severe market volatility will certainly be part of those upcoming negotiations.

I think it’s wise to continue holding a balanced portfolio and not be exposed to just the whims of the equity markets. Unless I am dead wrong, the pace of this current pump fest, which started after election lows in November, can simply not be maintained.

Over past week, we covered the following:

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