Reader Q & A: How Can I Get Fast Access To The StatSheet Numbers?

Reader Larry had the following question in regards to the fastest way to access my most recent market commentary along with the weekly StatSheet:

I am traveling quite a bit for work and access your blog from various computers. So I don’t have to scroll through a host of posts, is there an easy way for me to get right to the most recent StatSheet, so I can make my investment decision on the fly?

Actually, there is. The credit goes to my programmer Liam for coming up with this solution. Take a look at the black ribbon above and locate the “ETF Newsletter” tab. Float your mouse above it and notice the drop down menu with the “Latest Newsletter” link.

Click on it, and you will connect with my latest issue from the previous Friday. The first item is the link to our Current ETF/Mutual Fund StatSheet, which is followed by the market commentary and the Reader Q&A for the week.

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