ETF Leaders And Laggards – For The Week Ending 7/15/2011

Here is a quick ETF review of the past week’s winners and losers from my High Volume ETF Master list:

Equities got slapped around this past week with the S&P 500 giving back 2.1%. Shining brightly were gold related ETFs along with Natural Gas. As you can see, gold had a super week by adding +3.29% on top of the previous week’s advances.

While we own some GLD, we primarily participated indirectly in this rally via our exposure to PRPFX.

On the losing side of the equation was Spain, which go hit hard for the second week in a row. Same goes for the European Union, which is still stuck deep in debt issues that are far from being over, despite much jawboning to the contrary.

Not recognizable from the above tables is the fact that the international arena has sunk back into bear market territory, as I posted yesterday. To me, that means uncertainty will be our close companion again next week, so be sure to monitor your trailing sell stops closely.

Disclosure: Holdings in GLD

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