Market Post Mortem: ETF News And Blog Posts

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the topics that I posted to my blog during week ending on 5/15/2011.

More bobbing and weaving in the markets left the major indexes near the point of where we started 5 trading days ago.

My published Cutline tables and Model ETF Portfolios can give you an assist by indentifying weakness and strength in various market segments so that you can make a better investment decisions by avoiding overexposure in those areas that are trending down.

This week, we covered the following:

“Will Your ETFs Be Affected By The Proposed Circuit Breaker Rules?”

Hot, And Not So Hot, ETFs – For The Week Ending 5/13/2011

Testing The Ivy ETF Portfolio

ETF/No Load Fund Tracker For Friday, May 13, 2011”

Weekly StatSheet For The ETF/No Load Fund Tracker – Updated Through 5/12/2011

High Volume ETFs On The Cutline – Updated Through 5/11/2011

USO Underperforms Benchmark

6 ETF Model Portfolios You Can Use – Updated through 5/10/2011

ETFs And The Next ‘Flash Crash’

Mutual Funds On The Cutline – Updated as of 5/9/2011

ETF Face-Off: EEM vs. VWO

ETFs On The Cutline – Updated through 5/6/2011”

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