Sunday Musings: Reader Feedback Requested

As you have certainly noticed, I have changed my blog platform in order to have better control over design and display along with the ability to accommodate content relevant sponsors in the future.

The weekly market commentary, along with the all important ETF/No Load Fund StatSheet, is now being posted to the blog and a reminder notice to that effect is being mailed to all subscribers of the newsletter.

I have made additional resources available in an attempt to bring you more ETF/mutual fund data designed to assist you in making not only better but also more timely investment decisions.

Two projects in the pipeline coming your way are:

1. A special post every Monday titled “ETFs on the Cutline—Never Miss Another Buy Signal.”

It features the ETFs from the Master List, sorted by their distance from their respective long term trend lines. In other words, you will be able to quickly evaluate which ETFs are about to cross their trend lines to the upside, which ones have already done so and which ones are heading further south.

This will be more important in the future as the momentum changes and ETFs reverse their trends.

The publishing date will be every Monday, starting (hopefully) on April 4th. An e-mail will be sent to all subscribers advising them once the data has been posted.

2. A special post every Wednesday featuring about 3-4 model ETF portfolios including mutual fund alternatives wherever possible. You can easily compare these models every week and see how they react to different market conditions.

If you do your own investing, that will enable you to make selections and adopt those for your retirement plans that match up well with your risk tolerance. Alongside, I will display the tracking for each portfolio for sell stop purposes.

Here too, an email will be sent to all subscribers notifying them once the weekly update has been posted.

I anticipate this data to be ready by the middle of April.

My question to you is twofold as well:

1. What kind of data would you like to see that might help you with your investments. Feel free to send an email with thoughts to and write “suggestions” in the subject line.

I may not be able to respond to all ideas, but I can assure you that I will read all of them and implement those that are overwhelmingly requested.

2. As important, please help to make my newsletter and blog grow. If you can refer 5-10 friends or business acquaintances, that would be greatly appreciated and will allow me to reach a broader audience. You can sign up your friends (with their permission, of course) at

The next down market is already lurking on the horizon, and you can help a friend to become better prepared whenever the bear rears his ugly head. In 2008, before the markets collapsed, I was able to reach out to about 20,000 readers. Let’s combine our efforts and make that number much larger.

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