Buffett: “We’re Coming back”

In Saturday’s post “Is it time to take cover?” I featured Bob Prechter’s market view along with his extremely gloomy forecast.

If you are in need of a more upbeat outlook, here’s what Warren Buffett had to say on the topic:

In the interview, Buffett says “we’re on the right course” and encourages President Obama to speak with “enormous confidence” about the country’s economic future. He says that the stimulus is working and that the economy will improve in the next two or three years.

“We’re hiring,” he adds, referring to many of his Berkshire Hathaway companies.

You can see a video of his interview here.

While I respect Mr. Buffett, I sure can’t share his extremely optimistic view of the current state of the economy. I see us heading in the opposite direction, although most likely not with as extreme of an outcome as Bob Prechter forecasted.

Only time will tell which one of these gentlemen will be right.

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