Running Out Of Steam

In an almost identical performance from the prior trading day, the early rally attempt on Wednesday was rebuffed, and the major indexes ended up essentially unchanged.

For the time being, it seems that selling sets in when the S&P; 500 moves to its resistance level in the 1,125 area. Even decent economic news could not prevent the slide.

Maybe it’s the calm before the storm on Friday when the Labor Department issues its nonfarm payroll report. Economists predict a loss of 75,000 jobs in February in part due to the winter storms.

If this number comes in much better, we might see another attempt to break through the S&P;’s resistance level. If it comes in much worse, we could see more acceleration to the downside. Again, there is no reason to make quick, irrational decisions; let the market come to you and execute your sell stops if/when necessary.

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