Reader Help Requested

Reader Russ had a great suggestion and commented as follows:

I enjoy your columns and blogs and have benefitted from your recommendations to set firm sell points. My question/request is on finding information on a specific fund or ETF within the stat sheets.

It would seem very helpful if there would be a search feature that one could enter the name or symbols for a fund/ETF to see if it is in the stat sheet rather than scanning through all the pages to see if it is there. Just a suggestion to speed things up.

This would indeed be helpful for many readers, especially as the offerings of ETFs increase. Since the StatSheet files are in PDF format, I am not aware whether or not you can actually search through them.

I found a program on the internet called Powergrep that will actually do that and a lot more. I have not tried it so I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but they offer a free trial.

If you are aware of an easy way to search through PDF files, please share it with me.

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