Sunday Musings: Emotions

The task seemed simple enough and not much different than usual. Write another blog post just as I have done some 900 times over the past 2-1/2 years.

Share investment experiences that others can benefit from on their way to becoming better investors. The topic last week was “Emotional Aspects of Investing,” that attempted to answer a reader question.

Somehow the entire article caused more emotions in readers than I’ve seen in a while followed by appropriate responses; in part negative. If you haven’t read the comments, you may want to do so.

Writing a blog such as this one is nothing but a labor of love based on my need to attempt to make the investment world a better place. There is so much bad information being published that I feel like the lone ranger expressing viewpoints that do not align with main stream thinking.

I enjoy the interaction with readers along with questions and suggestions. My answers will always be straight, to the point and exempt from political correctness.

From the feedback I have received via emails, it is satisfying to know that my thinking has helped thousands of investors. However, no matter what I do, there will always be some whiners and complainers; fortunately, they amount to a small minority of less than 1%. I don’t take their comments personally, but attribute them to other troubles in their lives.

One reader summed up the comments perfectly when he said:

Well it seems the free-loading deadbeats such as myself gave you a thorough tongue lashing as some of them may have had to dip into their pocketbook a little. Did they really think cause this approach is free it is a perfect guarantee.

You have cautioned reams about entry on a new positive go signal. Looks like the deadbeats used any retort to unload. None of this had to do with your original response. If the folks cant handle a loss in their 5-10-20 year horizon they certainly should not be investing themselves or perhaps in the marketplace at all. Where do people think all the profit in the market comes from anyway?

It’s pretty much a zero sum game so it is the greater fool being clipped and sheared. The 1 or 2% usually charged over 20 years is well spent rather then changing like myself to another method every time a wave comes along.

The initial question was how does one side step emotion if the go signal was close to a “gut feeling” correction? Yours was discipline. And the emotion sometimes is to wait a day or 2. Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t change a methodology, it confirms one and acknowledges as you said we are all human. If these gents think you have been brash, well…

It was negative week on Wall Street, which seemed to have been reflected in my blog universe. Be that as it may, I will continue the chosen path by trying to provide you with straight talk about investments whenever possible.

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