Surviving With Humor

The markets took a big hit yesterday as the major indexes lost some 3%. That puts the S&P; 500 back to levels reached last at the beginning of December. Many buy and holders, who had counted on a continuation of the rebound, are certainly disappointed about the market direction so far this year. Sure, I’d be on edge too if I had to make up 50% of losses sustained in only 1 year.

With the markets in the doldrums, some readers focused on trying to find some humor in today’s environment. A difficult task indeed, but here are a couple of pictures that were sent to me made possible only because of Ponzi scheme uber-expert Bernie Madoff.

With many people and organizations being affected by the fallout of the alleged $50 billion scheme, here’s one suggestion for punishment:

I just couldn’t help myself today; I thought these were really funny. I’ll be back tomorrow with my more serious week ending commentary.

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