How To Invest $50 million Dollars

There are many different viewpoints on how to invest your money, whether it is during the accumulation phase of your investment life or after you “have arrived.”

To my way of thinking, the approach for growing your assets is entirely different from the one you should use if you find yourself suddenly with a windfall in the range of 10s of millions of dollars.

One of my clients faced such a situation after he sold a portion of his business and had moved, as I refer to it, into the Investment EndZone. What is it?

It’s a state of financial independence that allows you to comfortably live off your investment income and assets without ever having to go back to work or take financial gambles.

Of course, the brokerage industry would want you to keep playing the same old investment game, since that has proven to be most profitable—for them. Take a look at the latest addition to my website called “
High Net Worth Strategy,” and download my free 6-page report, which explains my thinking and how my client Roger handled this situation.

You may not have reached that point, but I think it’s important for anybody to know how you can get shafted and/or misled by advice that is not in your best interest.

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