Riding The Roller Coaster

Today, the major indexes meandered sideways with an upward bias; however, they closed higher recouping some of yesterday’s losses.

Our Trend Tracking Indexes (TTIs) recovered as well and the domestic TTI broke out of its neutral zone (+1.50%) and currently sits +1.58% above its long-term trend line. Yes, I feel like I sound like a broken record when repeating again that we need to see this level supported for a couple for trading days before making new commitments to the domestic arena.

After today’s close, the world’s largest insurance company laid an “AIG” by reporting that it suffered a $7.81 billion first-quarter loss, its second big loss in a row. While this should pressure the markets tomorrow, you never know these days, as some might interpret this as the worst being over and good times are here again.

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