Sunday Musings: Are You Crazy Busy?

Are you too busy? Are you always running behind? Is your calendar loaded with more than you can possibly accomplish? Is it driving you crazy? You’re not alone, says Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of “CrazyBusy.”

Crazybusy—the modern phenomenon of brain overload—is a national epidemic. Without intending for it to happen, we plunged ourselves into a mad rush of activity, expecting our brains to keep track of more than they comfortably or effectively can.

In fact, as attention disorder expert and bestselling author Dr. Hallowell argues in his groundbreaking new book, brain overload has reached the point where our entire society is suffering from culturally induced ADD.

Crazybusy is not just a by-product of high-speed, globalized modern life. It has become its defining feature—BlackBerries, cell phones and e-mail 24/7; longer workdays, escalating demands and higher expectations at home. It all adds up to a state of constant frenzy that is sapping us of creativity, humanity, mental well-being and the ability to focus on what truly matters.

But, as Dr. Hallowell argues, being crazybusy can also be an opportunity. Just as ADD can, if properly managed, become a source of ingenuity and inspiration, so the impulse to be busy can be turned to our advantage once we get in touch with our needs and take charge of how we really want to spend our time.

Through quick exercises, focused advice on everything from lifestyle to time management, and examples chosen from his extensive clinical experience, Dr. Hallowell goes step-by-step over the process of unsnarling frantic lives. With CrazyBusy, you can teach yourself to move from the F-state—frenzied, flailing, fearful and furious—to the C-State—calm, clear, consistent, curious and courteous.

If you’re looking for some sound, sane and accessible guidance, this book maybe the resource you’ve been looking for. I highly recommend it.

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