ETF Investing: October’s Winners and Losers

Despite its ups and downs, October turned out to be a good month for those invested in the right sectors. The top 10, as well as the worst 5 crowding the bottom of the totem pole, from the 500 ETFs I track, are listed below. Please note that the figures shown cover the past 4 week period:

Here are the top ten along with their gains and current M-Index ranking:

1. FXI (+22.65%, 57)
2. IFN (+21.92%, 35)
3. GXC (+21.80%, 31)
4. EEB (+20.90%%, 47)
5. USO (+19.76%, 31)
6. DBO (+17.98%, 18)
7. EWZ (+17.02%, 43)
8. PGJ (+16.49%, 48)
9. IIF (+15.83%, 26)
10. GDX (+15.65%, 25)

And here’s the bottom of the barrel:

1. RYF (-12.28%, -12)
2. UYG (-9.42%, -4)
3. SMH (-9.28%, -6)
4. IAT (-7.11%%, -9)
5. KRE (-7.07%, -8)

It’s obvious that there is a huge difference between these two extremes. If you have missed the upswing, then you should look into using trends to identify those ETFs with strong upward momentum along with our M-Index ranking. It goes along with one of the basic laws of physics: “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.”

While this is not a guarantee that an up trend will never end, it allows you to ride upward momentum as long as possible. When used in conjunction with a trailing stop loss strategy, you’ll never have to guess when to sell; simply let the market tell you when it’s time to get out.

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