Sunday Musings: A Nice Place To Stay

For many years, when visiting Hamburg, Germany, I have stayed in a small hotel near my mother’s apartment.

The set up is unique and unlike anything you see nowadays when traveling in a world of mega hotels, poor service and employees who do not care nor do they speak your language. The Condi Hotel in Hamburg features a grand number of 35 rooms and has their own bakery and café.

Yes, you read that right; it’s a small place where you love to go because everybody knows your name. From the owner, to the waitresses in the breakfast room everyone is friendly, in good spirits and ready to help. The maids who clean up your room actually are natives and speak your language–a rarity in itself. A special request is handled quickly and efficiently by them without interaction with the front desk.

The breakfast buffet spread is something I look forward to all year. Freshly baked rolls and a variety of German meats and cheeses along with boiled eggs, juices and fruit make this a perfect way to start your day. Best of all, it’s included in the price of your stay.

Some things are still based on the honor system. Many business people frequent this hotel, usually only for a couple of nights. Despite the number of new guests passing through, you can enter the unattended lobby at any time of the night, where you may find some freshly baked cookies, a tray with clean beer and wine glasses and yes, open access to a refrigerator filled with adult beverages, mainly superb locally brewed beer and an assortment of small bottles of wine.

You take what you like up to your room and leave a note for the front desk advising them of your room number and what you took. They will then add it to your bill upon check out. It’s service at its best along with trust in the honesty and integrity of the patrons.

Too bad that in today’s society this is an exception and can’t be the rule for conducting business.

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