ETF/No Load Fund Tracker Update: StatSheet Changes Ahead

With the constantly expanding offerings of ETFs, I have been planning on improving the weekly StatSheet. While this is a work in progress, you will see come changes already in this Friday’s issue and from hereon forward.

In its current format, the StatSheet contains some 30 pages of graphs and no load mutual fund/ETF data. One of the major planned changes is the presentation of the momentum tables. They will be expanded where appropriate and posted as a link to a downloadable PDF file.

This will allow you to better print out only that information which is of interest to you. Due to the reference to the tables as a link, the overall size of the StatSheet will be reduced, which will allow for faster loading when accessing.

As mentioned above, new ETFs are being added rapidly, and currently there are almost 450 being offered with more in the works. I believe that ETFs should be an important component of everybody’s portfolio, and I will set up tracking for all of them as time goes on. In this week’s StatSheet, you will notice how the ETF Master list already has grown to some 250 funds.

While ETFs originally started out covering the most well known indexes, they are now being sliced and diced and are representing many micro sectors. While not everyone of them may be a good investment choice, our momentum figures will weed out the weak ones and show those worthy of your attention.

More importantly, having all of these choices will put us in a position to improve selections by (hopefully) having some “zig” in our portfolios when the markets “zag.”

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