ETF/No Load Fund Investing: Are We In A Bubble?

Reader and client Nitin pointed out an article in the NYT called “Is It Just A Strong Market, or The Bubble, Part 2?

The story goes on to compare the differences between the events of 2000 and the market in 2007. Several academic studies suggest that current sentiment isn’t likely to be low enough to prevent another bubble form forming.

Professor Porter pointed out that a typical pattern for a burst bubble (2000) is to be followed by a somewhat less extreme version of the original—something he refers to as a “bubble echo.” He said that this pattern has appeared so consistently in psychological experiments that “you could almost set your clock according to it.”

There are some interesting points he makes, but he also admits that his research can’t be used to predict when a bubble echo might burst.

Too bad, I thought I had something of value here that could be used to somehow improve my investing prowess. I guess it’s back to tracking trends and monitoring sell stops.

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