Investment Management: Advisor-Sold Mutual Funds—Are They Worth It?

What I am referring to in this heading are not the mutual funds a fee-only advisor gets you into if he manages your portfolio; I am talking about those that a commissioned advisor sells you.

I ran across an article on the Motley Fool website, which is titled “Are Advisor-Sold Funds Ever Worth It?” It outlines some of the upfront, deferred and trailing fees commissioned advisors can charge.

It’ll help you to become a little more educated about the pros and cons of different advisor services. I am biased and believe that the only way that you can get truly unbiased advice is via a fee-only advisor.

How else can you be sure that a recommended mutual fund is truly in your best interest, and based on the advisor’s honest research result, rather than his (possible) motivation of receiving a large upfront commission?

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