How (Not) To Calm The Financial Markets

The best part about having a readership of over 18,000 to my weekly No Load Fund/ETF Tracker is that I get a lot of commentary and feedback, which always seems to broaden my horizon.

After last week’s global market meltdown, reader Don had this to say:

“Ulli: I’m not sure what your political nature is, but I thought it was a poor move on the part of CNBC to have Hillary Clinton on national TV at the height of a market downturn exploiting the dire economical conditions of our economy and how we are owned by foreign investors.

Everyone who invests knows there is a huge influx of foreign capital in our markets and government investments. I fail to recognize why CNBC would allow this type ‘political outrage’ solely for the purpose of allowing someone to campaign for our highest office. This certainly didn’t help quiet the markets toward a 400+ point downturn.”

While I did not see the interview, I have to agree with Don’s observations. This moment of crisis should have given someone the opportunity to rise above petty politics and make a classy statement about the underlying strength of the economy or the resolve of the American people to deal with whatever adversity might come along.

Seems that even former Fed chairman Greenspan only managed to utter the dreaded “R” word (as in Recession), and thereby fueling the fire, instead of leaving center stage to those who have assumed his high office.

Freedom of speech is a great thing, but with it comes a certain responsibility once you have climbed up high enough in the political food chain. That’s my view, what’s yours?

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